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A Culinary Sonata

In the heart of Helsinki, "Bloom" stands as an understated masterpiece, where simplicity becomes an art form. This culinary haven, with its unassuming name, unveils a symphony of flavors that transcends the ordinary.

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To be recognized as the epitome of culinary excellence, where 'Olive' becomes synonymous with exceptional taste, genuine hospitality, and a commitment to fostering meaningful connections.


To delight our guests with a sensory journey through the Mediterranean, celebrating the simplicity and richness of the olive. We strive to create an intimate dining experience where every dish tells a story, and each moment is a symphony of flavors.


1. Authenticity

We honor the authenticity of Mediterranean cuisine, sourcing the finest ingredients to create dishes that reflect the true essence of the region.

2. Simplicity

We embrace simplicity as the ultimate sophistication, allowing the natural flavors of our ingredients, particularly the olive, to shine in every dish.

3. Hospitality

We welcome our guests with warmth and genuine hospitality, striving to create an atmosphere where they feel like cherished friends dining in our home.

4. Innovation

We foster a culture of culinary innovation, constantly exploring new techniques and ideas to elevate our menu and surprise our guests.

5. Sustainability

We are committed to sustainable and ethical practices, making environmentally conscious choices in sourcing, operations, and waste reduction.

6. Cultural Appreciation

We celebrate the diversity and richness of Mediterranean cultures, paying homage to their culinary traditions while infusing our own creative touch.

6. Continuous Improvement

We believe in continuous improvement, seeking feedback from our guests and evolving to exceed their expectations in both service and culinary excellence.


Carlos Rodriguez

Head Chef

Jackson Smith

Sous Chef

Aisha Thompson

Chef de Cuisine

Ethan Sullivan

Pastry Chef

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